Kathleen Synge Townshend (631)

Date of Birth: 1867
Date of Death: dunm Jun 1907
Generation: 7th
Residence: Unknown
Father: Commander John Townsend FRGS [622]
Mother: Marianne Oliver (Minnie) Townshend [5D16]
Spouse: Unmarried
Issue: None
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Notes for Kathleen Synge Townsend (Bobbie)

Nothing is known about Kathleen before 1890 when she wrote to her mother on 9th November 1890 from Villa St. Georges, Parame, Brittany but she gives no hint of what she was doing there. There is a postscript to the letter which reads 'Kathleen was still at Villa St. Georges, Parame, by St Malo on February 18th. 1891'. In a letter dated 12th February 1892, Kathleen's mother wrote that "she was engaged in teaching". However in a letter dated December 1894 she wrote that "Kathleen is spending Christmas with the Johnstones at Fulford Hall…and hopes later on to get into St Thomas' Hospital to train as a nurse".

Sometime before 1898 she took up an appointment in Liverpool as a District Nurse and wrote to her brother Edward Townsend [630] on 21 August 1898 from 71 Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool, saying that "I expect to be here about another year".

Between August 1906 and Jun 1907 Kathleen suffered very poor health or a serious accident. In a letter dated June 20th 1907 from Frant Sussex, Elizabeth Townsend [5D18] wrote to Kathleen's mother - "I have just had a wire from May to tell me that dear K passed peacefully away this morning, & I am so thankful that the end has come at last just as we all hoped & prayed it might come, peacefully, & I know how very thankful you must feel for this & that she is now free from all suffering & at rest……Prolonged life would at the best have been but more or less an invalid life which no one could have wished for her."