John Chambre Oliver Townshend (629)

Date of Birth: 1858
Date of Death: 1891
Generation: 7th
Residence: Unknown
Father: Commander John Townsend FRGS [622]
Mother: Marianne Oliver (Minnie) Townshend [5D16]
Spouse: Unmarried
Issue: None
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Notes for John Chambre Oliver Townsend

John was born at 11 Burlington Street, Bath. A note written by his mother in November 1869 describes him as a most sensitive and delicate child. However, John suffered from very poor health and by 1883 he was in the care of Dr David Bown in the Springfield House Asylum at Bedford. Dr Bown diagnosed John as suffering from 'locomotor ataxy which causes him to have want of control over his limbs. He is in the third stage of epilepsy, and his whole life appears to have been a series of shocks to both body and mind. Owing to his epileptic condition he clenches his hands so hard that sometimes his nails press into the palms of his hands'.

John inherited the Irish estate of his uncle, Edward Townsend [620], on the death of his wife (Isabella Townsend [5D08]) in 1865. For his 21st birthday he was given the original of the very special letter written by Samuel Townsend [400] to his son Lieutenant General Samuel Townsend [403] who was John's great great Grandfather through his mother Elizabeth Trelawney Townsend [410]. John's father made a copy of the letter and this is now in the possession of Colonel John Townsend [5A26]. See the entry for Lieutenant General Samuel Townsend [403].

John was living at 'Tramore', Wilton Road, Bexhill on Sea, Sussex, and most probably his mother was living there as well, when he drowned sometime before April 1891. His funeral service was taken by his cousin John Hume Townsend [635].