Ruth Florence Townshend (5C32)

Date of Birth: 14 Jul 1965
Date of Death: vivens 2013
Generation: 10th
Residence: Kilmeany, Carlow
Father: Desmond Charles Richard Townshend [5C27]
Mother: Stoddart, Evelyn Betty
  1. Hatton, George
  1. Clive Charles Townshend
  2. David Trevor Townshend
  3. Edward Oliver Townshend
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Notes for Ruth Florence Townshend

Ruth was educated at Alexandra College, Dublin (1) and farms at Kilmeany, Carlow, with her husband, George, having inherited the property from her father.

Of the children:

Clive Charles Townshend Hatton was born on 18 November 1993.

David Trevor Townshend Hatton was born on 16 December 1995.

Edward Oliver Townshend Hatton was born on 24 November 2002.

(1) Her sister Ann Elizabeth Townshend [5C31], Rose-Marie Elizabeth Townshend [269] and Maureen Margaret Townshend [654] were also educated at Alexandra College.