Francis Loftus Townshend (5C25)

Date of Birth: 17 Jan 1930
Date of Death: 4 Nov 2018
Generation: 9th
Residence: West Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Father: Charles Maurice Waddington Loftus Townshend [5C17]
Mother: Blackburne, Elena Frances Margaret Anne
  1. Howman, Dorothy Jennifer
  2. Hale, Teresa
    • William Becher Melville [5C34]
    • Patrick Charles Waddington Maurice [5C35]
    • Oliver Loftus Hardy [5C38]
    • Amabel Lesley Anderson [5C39]
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Notes for Francis Loftus Townshend

Francis was educated at St Columba's College and Trinity College, Dublin. MB. He qualified as an eye surgeon and emigrated to practice in Tasmania.

Francis married 1st Dorothy Jennifer Howman (1) in 1962 but divorced in 1972. He married second Teresa Hale in 1980 and this marriage too ended in divorce. He is retired.

(1) Known as Jennifer.