Amabel Lesley Anderson Townshend (5C39)

Date of Birth: 15 Oct 1964
Date of Death: 15 Aug 2009
Generation: 10th
Residence: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Father: Francis Loftus Townshend [5C25]
Mother: Howman, Dorothy Jennifer
  1. Fulton, David
  1. Thomas
  2. Benjamin
  3. Sarah
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Notes for Amabel Lesley Anderson Townshend

Amabel is Chief Executive Officer of Rural Development Services, an agri-food consulting and training business based in Hobart, Tasmania and part of the Department for Transport and Regional Services. She is also a member of the Rural Social Research Group, Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research. Her key research interest is understanding the family farm business - both in terms of its internal processes, and the impact of these processes on the family, the farm and the business; and in terms of the relationship between the family farm business and the external environment within which it is placed.

Amabel died of cancer.

Amabel's husband, David, is an agricultural scientist.