William Becher Melville Townshend (5C34)

Date of Birth: 12 Feb 1969
Date of Death: viv 2007
Generation: 10th
Residence: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Father: Francis Loftus Townshend [5C25]
Mother: Howman, Dorothy Jennifer
  1. Massima, Mary
Issue: None
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Notes for William Becher Melville Townshend (1)

With over ten years experience as a journalist and media adviser, Becher is a leading issues and crisis management consultant in Tasmania. Formerly he was the Chief Political Reporter and commentator with The Advocate newspaper in Tasmania, and prior to that, he was the State Political Reporter for Southern Cross Television.

Becher is the Managing Director of Beyond PR, a leading innovative media company in Tasmania.

(1) Always known as Becher.