Eleanor Anne (Ellie) Townsend (352)

Date of Birth: ca 1863
Date of Death: 8 Feb 1894
Generation: 7th
Residence: Deal, Kent
Father: Reverend Horatio Thomas Townsend [334]
Mother: Somerville, Agnes
  1. Murphy, Thomas
  1. Letitia
  2. Eleanor
  3. Francis Edward
  4. Neville
  5. Thomas
  6. Ethel Wyn
  7. Daughter
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Notes for Eleanor Anne Townsend (Ellie)

Married 21 December 1883 (1). Nothing is known about Thomas Murphy.

Apart from odd references to her in the family papers relating to her brother Horace Townsend [334] nothing is known about Eleanor. She must have been living in Ireland in 1888 for she returned there with her sister Letitia after visiting their sick nephew Neville Townsend [361] - She (Letitia) "returned to Ireland with Ellie." (2)

The birth of six of Eleanor's children was faithfully recorded by her mother, Agnes, in her diary (3). The family papers record seven children left when she died. The intervals between the birthdays would indicate that this child was born between September 1884 and August 1887 - the Irish Census of 1911 offers clue - see below.

Eleanor was living in Deal, Kent, when she died in 1894. Entry in the diary of Agnes Townsend [334] - 'Feby 8th 1894 My precious Ellie gone home to Jesus'.

The entry for Eleanor's sister, Agnes Henrietta Townsend [353] in the 1911 Irish Census records as resident with Agnes an unmarried niece, Eleanor Murphy aged 25 and born in Wales in 1886, along with Agnes' brother in law Joseph Lodge, husband of Helena Mary Townsend [355].

(1) Entry in the diary of Agnes Townsend [334]- 'Dec 21 1883 EAT married'.

(2) Llanvapley Papers.

(3) Entries in the diary of Agnes Townsend [334]

- 'Sept 11 1884 Eleanor's daughter Letitia (illegible) was born'.

- 'Aug 4 1887 Ellie's son born - Francis Edward'.

- 'March 3 1890 Ellie's son Neville born'.

- 'April 4th or 5th 1891 Ellie's third son Thomas born'.

- 'Aug 1 1892 Ellie's daughter Ethel Wynn born'.

- 'Jany 29th 1894 Ellie's 4th daughter born'.