Helena Mary (Lena) Townsend (355)

Date of Birth: 1864
Date of Death: 15 May 1946
Generation: 7th
Residence: Marylebone, London
Father: Reverend Horatio Thomas Townsend [334]
Mother: Somerville, Agnes
  1. Lodge, Joseph
  1. Ronald Edward Somerville
  2. Muriel
  3. Eileen Mary
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Notes for Helena Mary Townsend (Lena)

Married 24 September 1891 (1). Nothing is known about Joseph Lodge (2).

The April 1901 Irish Census shows that Lena, aged 37, was living at house 3 'Corravoley', Kilcoe, Co Cork, with her mother as head of the family, her sister, Agnes Henrietta Townsend [353], her three children and three domestic staff. Her husband is not shown on the census.

Agnes inherited the property when her mother died in 1904 and is shown as a farmer in the April 1911 Irish Census. The census also shows that her niece, Eleanor Murphy (3) aged 25 and born in Wales in 1886 was staying with her along with her brother-in-law, Joseph Lodge who is shown as married but there is no reference to Lena.

Lena's mother recorded the birth of all the children in her diary - 'May 16 1892 Ronald Edward Somerville Lodge born', 'March 22 1894 Lena had a daughter Muriel S' and 'Aug 14 1896 Lena had a daughter Eileen Mary'.

Helena died in the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, 60 Grove End Road, London NW8 (Marylebone).

(1) Entry in the diary of Agnes Townsend [334] - 'Sept 24 1891 Lena married'

(2) Joseph was born in England in 1850.

(3) The daughter of Eleanor Anne Townsend [352] who married Thomas Murphy.