Barbara Townsend (210)

Date of Birth: 16 Mar 1696
Date of Death: 13 Feb 1778
Generation: 3rd
Residence: Cahirmore, Rosscarbery, Co Cork
Father: Colonel Bryan Townsend [200]
Mother: Synge, Mary
  1. Hungerford, Thomas
  1. Thomas
  2. Elizabeth
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Notes for Barbara Townsend (Barbara Townesend)

Barbara's date of birth is taken from an entry, in contemporary writing, on the fly leaf of a copy of 'The Christian Pattern or Imitation of Jesus Christ' - London 1707.

Under the heading 'Townesend', page 127 of Gillman's 'Index to the Marriage Licence Bonds of the Diocese of Cork and Ross' records a Marriage Bond dated 1723. Married 1724 (1). Colonel Thomas Hungerford (2) of Cahermore,(3) Rosscarbery, Co Cork. See Burke's Irish Landed Gentry 1912 - Hungerford.

Barbara was godmother to William Townsend [504].

Their son, Thomas Hungerford of Cahirmore JP, married in 1751 Sarah, daughter of Dr John Boisseau, a Huguenot, and had five children - Thomas Hungerford, John Hungerford, Richard Hungerford, Helena Hungerford and Sarah Hungerford. An entry in the Church of Ireland Parish Records of Ross Cathedral 1690–1823 records on page 26 under the heading 'Burials' - "1757 June 13th Doctor John John Boisseau intombed in the church."

Their daughter Elizabeth Hungerford married Captain Colin Campbell, son of Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine and Glenure and Mary Macpherson, on 28 March 1789. They had three children - Alexander Patrick Campbell, Lucy Campbell and Mary Cranfield Campbell.

The Church of Ireland Parish Records of Ross Cathedral 1690–1823 record on page 39 under the heading 'Burials' - "1773 July 21st Colonel Thomas Hungerford of Caghermore aged 80 years (in a new tomb)". And on the same page - "1778 February 13th Barbara widow of Colonel Thomas Hungerford late of Curaghmore."

(1) Barbara and Thomas were first cousins. Thomas' father married Francis Synge, youngest daughter of Rt Rev Edward Synge, Bishop of Cork and Ross. Barbara's father married Mary, eldest daughter of Rt Rev Edward Synge.

(2) Thomas Hungerford was baptized 8 May 1693. He was alive in 1756. The entry for Hungerford in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "Burke indicates that this family traditionally claimed descent from the Hungerford family of Farley in Somerset. Captain Thomas Hungerford settled in west Cork in the later seventeenth century.The Hungerfords married into many other influential families in the area including Beecher, Jones and Daunt. Both Mary Sandes Hungerford and Francis Hungerford, of The Island House, Inchydoney, were the owners of over 500 acres in county Cork in the 1870s. Thomas Hungerford was among the principal lessors in the parishes of Castleventry, Island and Ross, barony of East Carbery, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. Both Richard and Beecher Hungerford held townlands in the parish of Kinneigh at that time. Much of this land was held on lease from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. In July 1852 over 800 acres in the parish of Kinneigh, barony of East Carbery, the property of Richard Hungerford, deceased, was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court. Over 300 acres, the property of Alexander George Hungerford, was offered for sale in the court in June 1856 while 560 acres of Thomas Hungerford's estate, located in the barony of East Carbery, was offered for sale in the Landed Estates Court in October 1859."

(3) The entry for Cahermore House in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records In 1851 Thomas Hungerford was leasing Cahermore House from the Bishop of Cork's estate,when it was valued at £32. It was owned by Henry Hungerford in 1906 and valued at over £44. Taylor and Skinner's map of 1783 also shows Cahermore as a Hungerford residence. This house is no longer extant."

For other Hungerford connections see also Richard Townsend [315], Richard Boyle Townsend [332], Philip Townsend [500], Horatio Townsend [600].