MESA-Web Calculation Submission

To submit a MESA-Web calculation, simply enter your email address in the Email Address field at the bottom of the form below, and then click the Submit button.

The default parameters have been chosen to evolve a 1 M model from pre main-sequence to white dwarf in less than 2 hours of wall time. To obtain more-Detailed information about each parameter, click on the name of the parameter to visit the corresponding entry on the the MESA-Web Input page.

After a calculation completes, you will receive an email with link to a Zip archive that contains the output from MESA-Web (note that the link expire after one day). For information on the contents of this archive, see the MESA-Web Output page.

Initial Properties

Nuclear Reactions


Convective Overshoot

Numerical Resolution
Spatial (Mass) Resolution - Global
Temporal (Time) Resolution - Global
Temporal (Time) Resolution - Hydrogen

Custom Stopping Condition
Note that a maximum of 500 profiles will be stored for a given run.

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