Charles Edward Clifton Townsend (6C40)

Date of Birth: 12 Dec 1909
Date of Death: 29 Jun 1993
Generation: 8th
Residence: Tangmere, Chichester
Father: Captain Evelyn Richard Townsend [6C22]
Mother: Clifton, Ellen Clauda Zoë
  1. Rose, Ruth Marjorie Emile
  1. Doctor Edward Richard [6C50]
  2. Doctor Jennifer Rosemary [6C51]
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Notes for Charles Edward Clifton Townsend

Married at Emsworth 1 June 1938. Ruth Marjorie Emile Rose was the daughter of FT Rose of Ryde, IOW.

Charles was educated at Epsom College and Loughborough College (1923-30). BSc (Eng) 1930. AMICE 1936. FICE 1964.

Charles’ early civil career as an engineer runs in parallel with his military career in the Territorial Army. Following his qualification BSc (Eng) in 1930 he took up an engineering appointment with Southern Railway in 1931 and remained with the company until the outbreak of the Second World War. Three years later he was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in Hampshire (Fortress) Royal Engineers in April 1934 (1). Three and a half years later, having been promoted Lieutenant, Charles transferred to the 48th (Hampshire) Anti Aircraft Battalion in November 1937 (2) and was promoted Captain a year later (3).

During the Second World War Charles served with an Anti Aircraft Searchlight Battalion until June 1941 when he transferred back to the Royal Engineers (4). Following a year working in the War Office, he served in North Africa and Italy in 1942 – 43 and was involved with the construction of the Mulberry Harbour for the Normandy Landing (Operation Overlord) in 1944.

Charles was awarded the “The Efficiency Decoration" on 16 July 1948 (5) and was granted the honorary rank of Major when he relinquished his commission at the same time (6). Following this he worked as a Civil Engineer with the Port of London Authority from 1948 to his retirement in 1970; he was also River Conservator and Principal Pollution Control Officer for the authority from 1961 to his retirement.

During his retirement Charles wrote "All Rank and No File: A History of the Engineer and Railway Staff Corps RE, 1865-1965." He was a keen genealogist and provided much useful material for these records.

He was living at 1 Church Farm House, Tangmere, Chichester, Sussex when he died and is buried in St Andrew's Church, Tangmere, Sussex.

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