Richard Townshend (6A57)

Date of Birth: 30 Nov 1956
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 9th
Residence: Littleton, Colorado, USA
Father: Robert Vere Kingston Townshend [6A51]
Mother: Moiseiwitch, Eva
  1. Kaufman, Mitzi
  1. Spencer Rees [6A64]
  2. Tristan Chase [6A65]
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Notes for Richard Townsend

Richard was born in Middleton, Saxmundham, Suffolk. He was educated at Suffolk College, Ipswich and was awarded 'Salon Culinaire' Gold Medals for his baking in 1979 and 1980. He moved to the USA in 1983 and is now (2007) a professional baker and property investor in Littleton, Denver, Colorado.

Richard married Mitzi Kaufman (b. 1961) in 1994.

In April 2012 'ABC South West Victoria' reported Richard's visit to Loch Ard Gorge to see for himself the place where his great-grandmother's ship was wrecked in 1878. During the course of his visit he gave a lecture at Flagstaff Hill in Warrnambool where the ship's three famous survivors are celebrated - Tom Pearce, Eva Carmichael, and the Loch Ard Peacock, along with the Carmichael Watch, which was bought at auction by Flagstaff Hill when Richard's father, Robert Vere Kingston Townshend [6A51], sold it at Sotheby's in Sydney in October 2011. Full details about the Carmichael Watch are given in the 'Scrapbook' of Richard's great grandfather.