Aubrey Lewis Hume Townsend (652)

Date of Birth: 2 Jan 1885
Date of Death: ca 1960
Generation: 7th
Residence: Nakuru, Kenya
Father: Reverend Doctor John Hume Townshend [635]
Mother: Joy, Amelia Dora Harriet
  1. Winter, Norah Alicia
  1. John Patrick [656]
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Notes for Aubrey Lewis Hume Townsend

Aubrey was born in Tunbridge Wells and was a teacher in Norwich, where he met and married Norah Alicia Winter. 

Sometime prior to 1914 the family moved to Nakuru, Kenya to grow coffee. Aubrey was a mechanically skilled craftsman and had an extensive moth collection, which was bequeathed to the museum in Nairobi when he died of a heart attack in about 1960.

After Aubrey died Norah, who lacked domestic skills but was a keen philatelist, moved to South Africa with her son, John Patrick Townsend and his family.