Caroline Charlotte Townshend (5D31)

Date of Birth: 1878
Date of Death: 1944
Generation: 7th
Residence: Putney, London
Father: Chambre Corker Townshend [5D14]
Mother: Gibson, Emily Caroline
Spouse: Unmarried
Issue: None
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Notes for Caroline Charlotte Townshend

During the course of her studies at the Slade School of Fine Art, Caroline decided that she wanted to be a stained glass artist and asked Christopher Whall to take her on as a pupil.

In 1903 she set up her own studio at The Glass House in Fulham, West London, and it was here that she met Joan Howson, a student of the Liverpool School of Art, who would become her student, apprentice and lifelong friend. In 1920 they set up their own company, Townshend & Howson, at 61 Deodar Road in Putney and between then and 1939 made stained glass windows for 32 churches around England.

Like her mother, Charlotte was member of the Fabian Society and in 1910 was a Labour Party candidate for the Board of Guardians in Fulham, London.

During The Great War Caroline was a nurse in France.

Caroline's biography and some of her work can be seen at her entry in Wikipedia whilst a full list of her work with Joan Howson can be seen here. A copy of the Fabian Window that Caroline made in 1910 to George Bernard Shaw's design can be seen in her 'Scrapbook' along with the story of the window.

Caroline was an executor for the will of her mother and her cousin Anne Townshend [5D20] (1).

(1) London Gazette page 5248 dated 9 August 1929.