Elena Mary Townshend (5C30)

Date of Birth: 16 Dec 1968
Date of Death: viv 2010
Generation: 10th
Residence: France
Father: Maurice Oliver Townshend [5C26]
Mother: Binchy, Ann Helen
  1. O.'Loughlin, Tom
  1. Clara Catherine
  2. Lir Edward
  3. Maeve Ann
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Notes for Elena Mary Townshend

Married 12 July 1997.

Elena and Tom moved to France in 2006 and established a wine import business.

Of the chilfren:

Clara Catherine O'Loughlin was born on 16 April 2001.

Lir Edward O'Loughlin was born on 21 Jaanuary 2003.

Maeve Ann O'Loughlin was born on 8 March 2005.