Maurice Oliver Townshend (5C26)

Date of Birth: 26 Mar 1932
Date of Death: vivens 2010
Generation: 9th
Residence: Tankardstown, Slane, Co Meath
Father: Charles Maurice Waddington Loftus Townshend [5C17]
Mother: Blackburne, Elena Frances Margaret Anne
  1. Binchy, Ann Helen
  1. Edward William Vincent [5C28]
  2. Hugo Maurice Owen [5C29]
  3. Elena Mary [5C30]
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Notes for Maurice Oliver Townshend

Married 30 November 1967. Ann Helen Binchy was the only daughter of Owen Stanislaus Binchy of Mountblakeney, Kilmalock, Co Limerick.

Maurice was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia and educated at St Columba's College. In 1951 he spent the year as a farm apprentice at the Dunster Castle Estate prior to attending Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester following which he devoted his life farming in Ireland.