Diana Veronica Obre (Dinnie) Townshend (5B39)

Date of Birth: 14 Oct 1936
Date of Death: viv 2009
Generation: 9th
Residence: Provence, France
Father: Ralph Obre Crofton Townsend [5B34]
Mother: Brooks, Annabelle Patricia
  1. Yassukovich, Stanislas (Stani)
  1. Michael
  2. Nicholas
  3. Tatiana
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Notes for Diana Townsend (Dinnie)

Dinnie was educated at Herschel Girls School in Cape Town and then in Switzerland. It was here that she met Stani.

In 2009 Dinnie and Stani, were living in Provence, France.

Many of Stani's family were killed during and after the Russian Revolution following which his father emigrated to America and then France. As a keen monarchist Stani always joked about Dinnie's connection with Cromwell through her distant forebear Colonel Richard Townesende [100]!

Of the children in 2009:

Michael Yassukovich was training as a cabinet maker near Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Tatiana Yassukovich was an actress in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Nicholas Yassukovich* was educated at Cheltenham College and was a tax accountant in London.