Maria Elizabeth Coote Townshend (5B36)

Date of Birth: 8 Feb 1865
Date of Death: 12 Apr 1942
Generation: 7th
Residence: Calcutta, India & Titchfield, Hampshire
Father: William Uniacke Townsend [5B01]
Mother: Coote, Mary Anne Harriet
  1. Sanders, Evelyn Francis
  1. Frederick Alvin Oliver
  2. Others
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Notes for Maria Elizabeth Coote Townshend

Married 16 October 1903. Evelyn Francis Sanders Minst CE (1) was the 3rd son of Thomas Sanders (2) JP LLD of Sanders Park, (3) Co Cork. See Burke's Irish Landed Gentry 1912 - Sanders. See also ‘A Guide to Irish Houses’ by M. Bence-Jones, London, 1988 – “CHARLEVILLE cor Charleville Park. Sanders 1780+. Built by Christopher Sanders.”

Evelyn’s father was a barrister and landowner who faced the same treatment at the hands of tenant farmers as Maria’s father; to wit he was ‘boycotted’ (4). Chapter XVII of the book ‘Disturbed Ireland - Letters Written During the Winter of 1880-81’ (5) by Bernard H. Becker, Special Commissioner of the "Daily News" explains the situation. Essentially tenant farmers were no longer prepared to pay the rents demanded of them and they took to ‘boycotting’ the agents of the absentee landlords; “Not a blacksmith could be found to shoe his horse and not a living creature to cook his food…… the good folk of Kilfinane eye us terribly askance, or, to be more literally exact, do not eye us at all….. they either look at us as if we were transparent as panes of glass, or suddenly become interested in their boots or finger nails, both which would be better for more regular attention… Mr. Uniacke Townsend of Spa Hill, Kilfinane is one of a large family mostly engaged in land agency, and has incurred the ire of the people of Kilfinane, Kilmallock, Charleville, and the surrounding country, in consequence of a difficulty with one Murphy, a fairly large farmer according to the Irish measure of farming capacity……Another gentleman of these parts is being severely ‘boycotted’ to wit Mr. T. (Thomas) Sanders of Sanders Park, Charleville, county Cork”.

The son Frederick Alvin Oliver Sanders was born on 16 November 1906 and married on 6 October 1945 Lucie Katherine Waller (b. 17 Oct 1914 d. 2000) and had two sons.

Jocelyn Alvin Francis Sanders was born in 1948 and married first in 1972 Lalage Dorothy Campbell. He married second in 1994 Martha Elizabeth Huber from Andersen, Indiana, USA.

Thomas Derrick Robert Sanders was born in 1950 and married Lucie Wilkinson.

(1) Evelyn was born on 12 July 1864 and died 31 December 1909 at West Hill, Titchfield, Hampshire. He studied at Trinity College Dublin. The 1912 edition of Burke’s Landed Gentry shows him living at 17, Garden Reach Road, Calcutta, India.

(2) The entry for Sanders (Charleville Park) in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "'Burke's Irish Family Records'' states that William Sanders of Charleville, county Cork, held The Park from the Boyles on a lease for ever dated 20 Sept 1697. The house was built by Christopher Sanders in the latter half of the 18th century. Charleville Park was also known as Sanders' Park. In 1790 Robert Stevelly Sanders married Elizabeth Knight and the Sanders inherited some of the Knight estate. At the time of Griffith's Valuation William Sanders held land in the parish of Ballingaddy, barony of Coshlea, county Limerick, while the Sanders' county Cork estate was located in the parishes of Aglishdrinagh, Liscarroll, Ballyhay and Rathgoggan, barony of Orrery and Kilmore. In the 1870s Thomas Sanders of Sanders' Park, Charleville, owed 1,024 acres in county Cork and 942 acres in county Limerick. By the late 19th century this family was mainly located in Surrey."

(3) The entry for Sanders Park in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "Late 18th century house, the seat of the Sanders family, occupied by William Saunders in 1814 and by C. Saunders in 1837. Griffith's Valuation records William R. Saunders holding the property from the Earl of Cork, the buildings were valued at £34+. Turned into flats in the latter half of the 20th century, the building was derelict at the beginning of the 21st century. Also known as Charleville Park."

(4) For the background to boycotting and origins of the word see Captain Charles Boycott.

(5) Scroll down to Chapter XVII - "BOYCOTTED" AT CHRISTMASTIDE.

Footnote ‘Slater’s Royal National Directory of Ireland, 1894’ records under the heading ‘County Magistrates for the Province of Munster Co Cork’ - “Sanders Robert Massey Dawson, land agent, Sanders Park, Charleville.” This is Evelyn’s eldest brother who succeeded their father; he was educated at Trinity College, Dublin and was High Sheriff in 1901.