Eleanor Lesley Townshend (5B35)

Date of Birth: 22 Nov 1913
Date of Death: 9 Jan 2003
Generation: 8th
Residence: Rhodesia and Belstone, Devon
Father: Thomas Crofton Croker (CC) Townsend [5B15]
Mother: Obre, Ethel Stanhowe
  1. Parkes, John Walter Bevan
  1. Hugh (b. 1 Jan1948)
  2. Colin (b. Apr 1951. d. 1997)
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Notes for Eleanor Lesley Townsend

Eleanor was born in Dublin. She spent most of her childhood in Belstone, Devon with her maternal aunt, Mary Latham, and attended school in Tenby, Wales.

Married 1947 in Devon. Bevan Parkes was born in 1904.

Eleanor was a great horsewoman and loved hunting; she was a lifelong member of the Eggesford Hunt and also rode out with the Mid Devon and other packs. During the war she served in the Land Army after which she returned to the Liwonde Estate (1) in Rhodesia and took a great part in running the farm. She was a most successful breeder of Jersey cattle, creating the largest herd in Southern Africa and winning many prizes, in addition to being an expert judge of cattle and horses.

Eleanor and Bevan were separated in 1972 and later divorced. Following this she returned to Belstone and spent the rest of her life in the area. She died of Alzheimer's disease and was cremated in Exeter on 20 January 2003. Her ashes were scattered in the churchyard at Belstone (2) whilst the Master and Huntsmen of the Eggesford Hunt sounded "Gone Away".

Of the children:

Hugh Parkes married Janice Maree Curtain on 9 December 1972 in London and has two sons (Charles Edward Bevan Parkes and Edward Hugh Parkes ) and one daughter (Antonia Elizabeth Parkes ). He lives in Australia.

Colin Parkes had no issue, died in Lancashire and is buried in Belstone.

(1) The Parkes' farm.

(2) See also