Sealy Uniacke Townsend (518)

Date of Birth: 1817
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 6th
Residence: Toxteth, Liverpool
Father: Thomas Townsend [509]
Mother: Uniacke, Martha
  1. Dyke, Elizabeth
  1. Thomas Dyke [533]
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Notes for Sealy Uniacke Townsend

Sealy was christened at Mallow, Co Cork on 16 May 1817.

The website Marriages at St Bride in the District of Toxteth, Liverpool records that Sealy was married on 4 February 1841. He is shown as a "full, Mariner, Bachelor, Pitt Street" Elizabeth is shown as "20 years, Spinster, Pitt Street"; her father, William Dyke, was a grocer.

An entry in the London Gazette of 10 September 1847 reads - "A LIST of all the Masters and Mates in the Merchant Service, who have voluntarily passed an Examination and obtained Certificates of Qualification for the Class against each assigned, under the Regulations issued by the Board of Trade, since the 27th February last."


Date. 11th August 1847

Name of Party who has received the Certificate. Sealy U. Townsend

Class of Certificate. 2nd

Place and Date of Birth. Mallow, Cork. 1818

Present or last previous Service. "Viceroy" of Dublin, 700 tons, as mate

Name of Examining Board. Trinity House,London