Margaret Townsend (141)

Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: dsp Jun 1790
Generation: 5th
Residence: Co Cork and Dublin
Father: Horatio Townsend [130]
Mother: Richards, Anne
  1. Townsend, Doctor Richard [501]
Issue: None
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Notes for Margaret Townsend

Dr Richard Townsend [501] from Dublin. Richard was born 12 January 1736 and died 1817. This was the second of his three marriages.

An entry in the Church of Ireland Parish Records Ross Cathedral 1690–1823 records on page 47 under the heading ‘Burials’ - " 1795 May 7th Mrs Townsend the wife of Doctor Richard Townsend." This could also refer to Helena, first wife of Dr Richard Townsend [315].