Richard FitzJohn Townsend (113)

Date of Birth: ante 1692
Date of Death: dunm 21 Jul 1722?
Generation: 3rd
Residence: Castletownshend, Co Cork
Father: John Townsend [101]
Mother: Barry, Lady Katherine
Spouse: Unmarried
Issue: None
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Notes for Richard FitzJohn Townsend

Richard's father pre-deceased his grandfather thus when Colonel Richard Townesend [100] died in 1692 the greater part of Colonel Richard's estate passed to him: - "I give and bequeath unto my grandson Richard FitzJohn Townesend the house and lands of Bridgetown and my whole freehold in Coronea, the house and lands of Curromteige and Lorrogo ....(and 13 more) him my said grandson during his natural life and after his decease to the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten and for want of such issue to my son Bryan Townsend and his male heirs and for want of such the remainder to my son Francis.....Horatio.....Philip.....William and for want of such issue to my grandson John FitzCornelius and his heirs male....."

Thus on his death, having not married and had children, the Castletownshend estate passed to his uncle Bryan Townsend [200].

Colonel Richard's will will be found on page 134 of 'An Officer of the Long Parliament'