Captain Kingston Townsend (105)

Date of Birth: 1664?
Date of Death: 1746
Generation: 2nd
Residence: Barbados, West Indies
Father: Colonel Richard Townsend [100]
Mother: Hyde, Hildegardis
  1. Dubois, Phillipa
  2. King, Susannah
    • Kingston [148]
    • Horatio [149]
    • Katherine [150]
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Notes for Captain Kingston Townsend

Along with his brothers Bryan Townsend [200], Francis Townsend [102] and Horatio Townsend Kingston's name appeared in the list of those proscribed under the terms of the Act of Attainder 1689 (1) passed by James II's Irish Parliament and he fled to Barbados.

Married 1st 5 August 1697. Phillipa Dubois (2). Married 2nd 14 May 1702. Both marriages took place at St Michael's, Bridgetown, Barbados. Susannah was born in 1676. A census of the Parish of St Thomas, Barbados, compiled by Mr Vernon Smith in 1715 shows "Mr Kingston Townsend aged 51, Madam Susannah Townsend aged 39, Mr Horatio aged 8, Miss Katherine aged 16". Kingston died in Barbados.

Vol. 33. Barbados Deeds. Page 357 records "2 March 1724. Barbados. Indenture 5th Jan 1724 between David Arnott [grantor] [7]?[12] of town of St. Michaels, merchant for and in consideration of 267 pounds, ten shillings current money and John Linscomb [or Lipscomb] [grantee]of the Parish of St. Michaels plantation bounding lands of late Col. John Hollett, dec'd now in possession of Kingston Townsend, on the lands of Hezekiah Pacheco, on the lands of Thomas Murry, on lands of Thomas Wakefield, dec'd now in possession of Benjamin Hall containing twelve acres. Signed: David Arnott."

Richard Baxter Townsend [5D15] in his copy of 'An Officer of the Long Parliament' notes a will from Barbados of Kingston Townsend of St Michael's Parish; the will is dated 24 April 1746 and was proved 18 March 1747. The terms of the will leave the estate to Francis Townsend [125]. It is not known whether this will was that of Kingston Townsend [105] or of Kingston Townsend [123]. If the former, Kingston must have outlived his family. Richard Baxter Townsend also notes in his copy of 'An Officer of the Long Parliament' - "June 15 1703. Journal of Assembly Barbados. Accounts of Kingston Townsend for provisioning the 'Larke' committed September 28. £625-18-3 paid to Captain Kingston. Cal Col SP." The dates in this note are taken from Registers in Barbados.

(1) The Act summoned all who were in rebellion against James II's authority to appear for trial on a given day, or be declared traitors, hanged, drawn and quartered, and their property confiscated. Page 329 of Francis Tuckey's "Tuckey's Cork Remembrancer" lists extracts from a manuscript in the library of Trinity College, Dublin, which records the names, with the yearly value of their estates, of Protestants of the County and City of Cork and their families, who fled from King James II; amongst these can be found "Townsend, Brian. Wife. 4 children. £300. Townsend, Francis. Wife. 5 children £340. Townsend, Horatio. £100." Kingston is not shown in Tuckey's list but is shown on page 120 of 'An Officer of the Long Parliament'.

(2) Phillipa was buried on 4 February 1700 - shortly after her son Kingston was born.