Commander Charles Richard de Bunsen Loftus Townshend RN (5C15)

Date of Birth: 4 Apr 1896
Date of Death: dsp 30 Aug 1973
Generation: 8th
Residence: Okehampton, Devon
Father: Charles Loftus Uniacke Townshend [5C01]
Mother: von Bunsen, Beatrice Margaret
  1. Crawford, Eileen Marianne
Issue: None
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Notes for Commander Charles Richard de Bunsen Loftus Townshend RN

Married 20 March 1943. Eileen Marianne Crawford (1) was the only daughter of Lieutenant Colonel John Cane Crawford, The Manchester Regiment, of Lincoln Lodge, Norwood Hill, near Horley, Surrey.

Charles was educated at the Royal Naval College (RNC) Osborne (2), Isle of Wight and Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) Dartmouth. He was commissioned Sub Lieutenant on 15 August 1916 (3) but resigned his commission on 10 November 1922 (4). He re-joined the Royal Navy sometime after the outbreak of the Second World War and finally retired as a Commander on 1 March 1946 (5).

Eight entries in the London Gazette between 1961 and 16 March 1965 are of interest. The first of these (London Gazette of 15 September 1961) under the heading 'THE BANKRUPTCY ACTS 1914 and 1926 RECEIVING ORDERS' reads "TOWNSHEND, Charles Richard de Bunsen Loftus, residing and carrying on business at Sydemham Barton, Lewdown, Okehampton in the county of Devon, Farmer. Court—PLYMOUTH. Date of Filing Petition—12th Sept, 1961. No. of Matter—27 of 1961. Date of Receiving Order 12th Sept. 1961. No. of Receiving Order-26. Whether Debtor's or Creditor's Petition—Debtor's."

The Gazette (6) of 31 December 1963 under the heading 'APPLICATIONS FOR DISCHARGE' shows that the day fixed for hearing was the 6 February 1964 in The Law Courts,Armada Way, Plymouth. The outcome is contained in the Gazette (7) of 6 March 1964 'ORDERS MADE ON APPLICATIONS FOR DISCHARGE' which reads "Bankrupt's discharge be suspended for 3 months and that he be discharged as from the 6th May, 1964. Grounds named in Order for refusing an absolute Order of Discharge—Proofs of Facts mentioned in section 26 sub-section 3 (B and C), Bankruptcy Act, 1914, as amended by section 1 of the Bankruptcy (Amendment) Act, 1926."

The matter was final settled on 1 March 1965 London Gazette 43600 of 16 March 1965.

Eileen Marianne was living at Beauford, Chillaton, Lifton, Devon when she died.

(1) Eileen was born at home in Croft House, Howard Street, Millbrook, Stalybridge, Cheshire on 11th June 1901. Vivens 1975.

(2) Cadets joined RNC Osborne aged 13 for two years before going to BRNC Dartmouth for the remainder of their training. RNC Osborne closed in 1923.

(3) London Gazette 29783 page 9862 dated 13 October 1916.

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