Dorothy Uniacke Townshend (5C14)

Date of Birth: 5 May 1890
Date of Death: Nov 1977
Generation: 7th
Residence: Dublin
Father: Charles Uniacke Townshend [5C00]
Mother: Roberts, Anna Maria
  1. Powell, Ashley
  1. Brian Uniacke (b. 21 Feb. 1924)
  2. William Dacre Hamilton (b. 18 Dec 1925)
  3. Edward Ashley Stephen (b. 12 Nov 1930)
  4. Elinor Dorothea Uniacke (b. 3 Jan 1928)
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Notes for Dorothy Uniacke Townshend

Dorothy was born in Dublin and was baptized at Christ Church Leeson Park on 26 June 1890.

The April 1901 Irish Census records Dorothy as living with her parents, eight siblings and five domestic staff in house 798 in Burlington Road, Pembroke West, Dublin. She is not shown in the Irish 1911 Census.

Married 20 June 1922 at Powerscourt Church, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow. Ashley Powell of Dublin, barrister, and son of Venerable Dacre Hamilton Powell (1) DD of Cork.

Dorothy was sometime Principal of the Norland Institute in London.

Ashley was a scholar at Trinity College, Dublin in 1907. He was in the Egyptian Civil Service 1911-23 (Judge of Native Courts) and Reid Professor of Law at Trinity College, Dublin 1931-36. He was appointed Senior Council Bencher in 1956 and died in 1967.

Of the children;

Brian Uniacke Powell was born on 21 February 1924 and married Aleida Max, daughter of Lambertus Max, on 7 December 1957. Brian was educated at St. Columba's College, Dublin and studied engineering at Trinity College, Dublin. He was chief design engineer for the Mars Group and died in 1989 leaving two sons (Raymond and Francis) and a daughter (Marjorie).

William Dacre Hamilton Powell was born on 18 December 1925 and married Patricia Elizabeth Tector, daughter of William Tector, on 16 August 1958. Like his brother Brian, he was educated at St. Columba's College, Dublin. He studied medicine at Trinity College, Dublin, and practiced in Cork. He died on 26 January 2001 leaving three sons (Ashley, Lionel and William) and a daughter (Diana).

Edward Stephen Ashley Powell was born on 12 November 1930 and married June Marguerite Bennett, daughter of Robert Bennett, on 23 April 1960. He studied agriculture at Trinity College, Dublin and farmed at Birr, Co Offaly. He had two daughters (Caroline and Hilary) and a son (Michael).

Elinor Dorothea Uniacke Powell was born on 3 January 1928. She studied medicine at Trinity College, Dublin and graduated as a Doctor of Medicine with a Diploma in Child Health. Registered as a Member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (MRCPI) she lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

(1) ‘Slater’s Royal National Directory of Ireland, 1894’ records under the heading ‘Cork Private Residents’ - “Home Ville - Powell Rev. Canon H. D”. The Directory also records that Rev Powell was Chaplain at Her Majesty's City Prison (Female), City Gaol road., Cork, Protestant Chaplain, Cork District Lunatic Asylum, Shanakiel, an Ex-Officio Member of The Governing Body - City of Cork Church Schools Board and a Governor of Cork Grammar School.