Commander Philip Ernest Uniacke Townshend RN (5C05)

Date of Birth: 16 Dec 1885
Date of Death: dsp 30 Sep 1959
Generation: 7th
Residence: Brookside, Blackpool
Father: Charles Uniacke Townshend [5C00]
Mother: Roberts, Anna Maria
  1. Cumming, Hilda
Issue: None
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Notes for Commander Philip Ernest Uniacke Townshend RN

Philip was born in Dublin and baptized at Leeson Park on 10 April 1886.

Married 30 April 1930. Hilda Cumming (1) was the only child of Edward Cumming of Yealand Conyers, Westland North Lancashire and widow of Gilbert Boddington, second son of William Slater Boddington of Monton House, Eccles, Lancs.

The April 1901 Irish Census records Philip as a scholar living with his parents, eight siblings and five domestic staff in house 798 in Burlington Road, Pembroke West, Dublin.

Philip was commissioned Sub Lieutenant on 30 December 1905 (2). Promoted Lieutenant in September 1907 and Lieutenant Commander in October 1915 (3), Philip retired from the Royal Navy in the rank of Commander on 15 June 1927 (4).

Philip's funeral service was held at Caton Church, Brookside, Blackpool after which he was cremated.

(1) Hilda died on 26 October 1964.

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