Alice Mary Townsend (5A35)

Date of Birth: 2 Jun 1881
Date of Death: 3 Aug 1953
Generation: 8th
Residence: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Father: Edward Carr Townsend [5A01]
Mother: Cool, Annie
  1. Nancarrow, Stephen Henry
  1. Lydia May
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Notes for Alice Mary Townsend

Alice was born in Costerfield, Victoria and married in Glebe, Sydney, NSW in 1908. Nothing is known about Stephen Henry Nancarrow except that he was born ca 1885.

Alice and Stephen had a large 'weekender' on the waterfront at Empire Bay, Woy Woy, where they and many other members of the family and their descendants spent many happy holidays.

Alice died at Camperdown Hospital, Sydney, NSW.

The daughter Lydia May Nancarrow was born on 28 May 1909. She married Roland Alexander McCredie (b. 1907) son of Dr. Robert William McCredie. They had three children:

Margaret McCredie was born on 26 March 1939. She was a primary school teacher. She married William Philip and had two children, Keith Alexander and Belinda May.

Robert McCredie was born on 26 September 1942. Awarded a PhD from Sydney University in Organic Chemistry he worked for the CSIRO in both Canberra and Sydney. He married Esther Foote and had three children, Heather, Nerida and Scott. Nerida has a PhD in Education.

Elizabeth McCredie was born on 23 September 1948. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Australian National University majoring in English Literature and currently works (2010) as a contract IT Application tester in Canberra, ACT. She married first Conrad Coffey in 1971 and had a daughter, Jo-Anne Elizabeth McCredie, who was born on 22 September 1971. Jo-Anne married Martin Garratt (b. 25 March 1973) on 28 February 1998 and had three children: Ashleigh May Garratt born 28 June 2001, Amelia Jaine Garratt born 7 January 2006 and Hayden James Garratt born 12 February 2007.

Elizabeth McCredie married second Neil Dickinson in 1983 and had three children: Anthony Stephen Alexander Dickinson, Claire-Maree Catherine Dickinson and Robert James Alexander Dickinson.