Edith May Townsend (5A34)

Date of Birth: 20 Feb 1879
Date of Death: 6 Feb 1954
Generation: 8th
Residence: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Father: Edward Carr Townsend [5A01]
Mother: Cool, Annie
  1. Mills, Frank Matthew
  1. Lilian Ida
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Notes for Edith May Townsend

Edith was born in Costerfield, Victoria and was married at the Independent Presbyterian Church, Liverpool Street, Sydney on 2 April 1902. Nothing is known about Frank Matthew Mills except that he was born ca 1880.

Edith was a keen gardener and a most generous Christian woman in all respects. She was noted for her very long hair upon which she could sit! She died at St George Hospital, Kogarah, Sydney.

Her daughter Lilian Ida (b. 1 Apr 1903 d. 6 July 1971) married William James Quinn (b. ca 1900 d. 8 April 1975) on 6 August 1924 at St Paul's Church, Rockdale, NSW. They had a daughter, Betty Frances Quinn, who provided all the information in these records about the descendants of Edward Carr Townsend [5A01].

Betty married William Francis Quinlan on 3 October 1947 at St Paul's Church, Burwood (1), NSW and had a daughter, Julia Kaye Quinlan, and a son, Mark William Quinlan. Betty died on 27 September 2011.

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