Edward Townsend (5A32)

Date of Birth: 9 Jan 1884
Date of Death: 22 Mar 1954
Generation: 8th
Residence: Rockdale, NSW, Australia
Father: Edward Carr Townsend [5A01]
Mother: Cool, Annie
  1. Workman, Mabel
  1. Oscar John C [5A38]
  2. Norman Edward Hugh [5A39]
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Notes for Edward Townsend

Edward was born in Newtown, Sydney. He married in 1906 at Mudgee, NSW.

Nothing is known about Mabel Workman but it is reasonable to assume that she came from Mudgee. NSW BDMs record (Regisration No 5494/1943) a 'Mabel Elizabeth Townsend' dying at Rockdale in 1943. This may be the wife of Edward.

Edward suffered from deafness and Thomas Henry Townsend [5A10] recalled Edward visiting Ireland with his father, Edward Carr [5A01], to seek a cure. This visit is corroborated by Edward Carr's great granddaughter Betty Frances Quinn (see entry at 5A34). Edward died at Rockdale, Sydney.