Philip Uniacke Townsend (519)

Date of Birth: Jan 1820
Date of Death: dsp(m?) 28 Mar 1850?
Generation: 6th
Residence: Unknown
Father: Thomas Townsend [509]
Mother: Uniacke, Martha
  1. Minchin, Frances
  1. Daughter?
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Notes for Philip Uniacke Townsend

Philip was christened at Mallow, Co Cork on 10 January 1820

Married 18 December 1847 at St George's Parish Church, Dublin. Frances Katherine Minchin was the second daughter of Prebendary Charles Henry Minchin (1) of Kilgobinet, Co Longford.

The marriage certificate shows Philip as a 'Master Mariner' and resident in the Northumberland Hotel in Dublin at the time of his marriage.

Two entries in the diary of Agnes Townsend [334] refer to 'Philip W Townsend' - 'Nov 30 1848 Mrs Philip W Townsend had a daughter' and 'March 28th 1850 Mr PW Townsend died'. There is no 'Philip W Townsend' in the family and it is very likely that a 'U' has been mistaken for a 'W' in the transcription of Agnes' diary. The timing of the birth of a daughter fits in with Philip's marriage in 1847 (which is not mentioned in Agnes' diary). There are several other references to the Derry branch in her diary and it reasonable to assume that PWT is Philip Uniacke.

(1) Charles wrote an introduction to the book "Monastic Institutions; their origin, progress, nature, and tendency" written by Samuel Phillips Day.