Susannah Townsend (505)

Date of Birth: 18 Sep 1735
Date of Death: ante Jun 1794
Generation: 4th
Residence: Rath, Co Cork
Father: Captain Philip Townsend [500]
Mother: Hungerford, Elizabeth
  1. French, Michael
  1. Philip
  2. Michael
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Susannah
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Notes for Susannah Townsend.

Page 92 of Green's 'Index to the Marriage Licence Bonds of the Diocese of Cloyne' 1630-1800 records a Marriage Bond dated 1752. Michael French (1) of Rath,(2) Co Cork, was the second son of Alderman Philip French by his wife Penelope Townsend [119].

In his will where he refers to Susannah as Susan, dated 3 June 1781 and proved in Cork on 23 August 1788, Susannah's father left her and her sister Mary £300 each -

"And whereas I have given to my daughter Susan the wife of Michael French the sum of three hundred pounds as a marriage portion and the like sum of three hundred pounds as a marriage portion with my daughter Mary the wife of Mr Thomas Somerville Now I do in addition to their fortunes and in order to make them as nearly equal with the rest of my children as I now give leave and bequeath to my daughter Susan French the sum of three hundred pounds and to my daughter Mary Somerville the like sum of three hundred pounds to be paid to them respectively in one year after my decease".

The Derry Papers (3) contain a receipt worded "I acknowledge to have received from Thomas Hungerford Townsend Esq (4) the sum of four hundred pounds this being my portion of money arising out of the lands of Derry and settled on my marriage by Philip Townsend Esq. Received this 26 Day of April 1788. Michael French." The wording of this and that of Philip's will do not fully accord.

The date of Susannah's death is unknown but in his will dated 1 June 1794 Thomas Hungerford Townsend [502] left £400 to “the children of his sister the late Susannah French" (5).

The son, Michael, married Mary Hungerford of Cahermore.(6) 'The Post Chaise Companion or Traveller's Directory through Ireland 3rd Edition 1804' page 331 records "Within a mile of Ross, on the R. is Cahirmore, the seat of Mr Hungerford".

The grandson, John French, was a witness at one of the trials of the Rev Robert Morritt. Full details can be seen at the entry for Richard Townsend [221].

There is a manuscript note in the author's copy of 'An Officer of the Long Parliament' that Susannah also had a daughter, Susannah, who married Mr Bennet in 1814. (7)

The records of the South Cork Light Infantry Militia show 'Michael French' commissioned as Ensign in 1806- this could well be the son Michael. The Militia Act of 1793 sets forth that-"Every person who has been or shall hereafter be appointed an Officer of the Militia of any of the ranks following, shall be in possession of an estate for his own life or the life of another, or for some greater estate in land or heritage's in the United Kingdom of the yearly value hereinafter mentioned in connection with such respective rank, or be heir apparent of some person who shall be in possession of a life estate in property of the like yearly value. For an Ensign the sum was £20 a year, or heir to £200 personal property a year"

(1) The entry for French in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "Marino, county Cork, was the seat of the French family in the 18th century. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Thomas George French of Marino, county Cork, a younger brother of Savage French of Cuskinny, Queenstown, held land in the parishes of Cullen, barony of Duhallow, Donaghmore, Magourney, Carrigrohanebeg, Inishcarra, barony of East Muskerry, Donaghmore, barony of Barretts and Clonmel, barony of Barrymore. He died in 1866. In October 1852, 350 acres in the barony of Barretts, the property of Michael Phillip French was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court. The original lease was between Savage French and Michael French of Rath, county Cork. In the 1870s the representatives of Thomas G. French of Cork owned 1,559 acres in the county and Pasco French of Marino Passage owned 624 acres. Thomas G. French had one son and five daughters and his estate was eventually inherited in 1893 by his grandson Thomas George Stuart of county Tyrone who took the additional name of French."

(2) The entry for Rath in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "Smith writes in 1750 that Rath was built by Alderman James French of Cork. Rath house was occupied by Michael Greene in the early 1850s and held from Sir Edward Tierney. It was valued at £12. To the north Rath Cottage (Grid Ref R492 147) was held by Sir Edward Tierney in fee and was valued at £14. This cottage is now a ruin and Rath House although still extant is no longer lived in. A new house having been built on the site."

(3) Derry Papers 505/1.

(4) Susannah's brother and joint executor of the will.

(5) Derry Papers 505/2.

(6) The entry for Cahermore House in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "In 1851 Thomas Hungerford was leasing Cahermore House from the Bishop of Cork's estate,when it was valued at £32. It was owned by Henry Hungerford in 1906 and valued at over £44. Taylor and Skinner's map of 1783 also shows Cahermore as a Hungerford residence. This house is no longer extant."

(7) OLP p.266