Arthur Horace Townsend (451)

Date of Birth: 1866
Date of Death: 8 May 1937
Generation: 7th
Residence: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Father: Edward Townsend [445]
Mother: Elliot, Emily Uther
  1. Steen, Martha Ann
  1. Marjorie Uther [456]
  2. Edward Arthur [457]
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Notes for Arthur Horace Townsend

Arthur was born in Moorabin, Victoria.

Married 1903 in Northcote, Victoria. Martha Ann Steen (1) married first Frederick William Mauger in 1896 at Bendigo, Victoria, and had a son Frederick William Mauger.

Arthur's death certificate (2) reveals that he was a 'Municipal Employee (retired)' and that during his lifetime he spent 65 years in Victoria and 5 years in Western Australia.

Arthur died following an operation for an enlarged prostate gland in the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria and was cremated at the Melbourne Crematorium on 10 May 1937.

(1) Martha was born in ca 1875.

(2) A copy of the certificate is held by Arthur Mumford of Victoria, Australia, a descendant of Arthur Horace.