Charlotte Becher Townsend (438)

Date of Birth: ca 1853
Date of Death: 1930
Generation: 7th
Residence: India and Dublin
Father: Samuel Townsend [412]
Mother: Becher, Charlotte Augusta
  1. Spring, Francis
  1. Son
  2. Kathleen Maude
  3. Francis Gerald
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Notes for Charlotte Becher Townsend

Everyhting known about Charlotte is drawn from the weekly journal The Friends of India (1).

Married 27 November 1873 at Byculla Church, Bombay, by the Rev J Robertson. Francis Joseph Edward Spring CIE was Assistant Engineer P. N. State Railway, Halwui Hindee at the time of his marriage.

Registered in the first quarter of 1930 at Dublin North, Charlotte's death can be found in the Irish Civil Registration Indexes 1845-1958. Her birthday is shown as 1860 which is unlikely as she would have been 13 when she married.

Francis Spring was born on the 20 January 1849 at Baltimore, Co Cork and educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He entered the Indian Civil Service in 1870 as a Railway Engineer and later in his career developed the South Indian Railways System. Francis retired from the ICS in 1904 but remained in Madras and became chairman of the Madras Port Trust. Appointed Knight Commander of the Order of The Indian Empire in 1911, he was one of the first people in South India to own a car! He died on 25 August 1933.

Of the children:

A son. The Times of India 13 May 1875 reports the birth of an un-named son "At Kathalia, 28 April 1875, the wife of F J E Spring of a son".

Kathleen Maude Spring was born on 25 July 1879 and baptised on 10 September 1879 at Ahmedabad, Maharasta, India.

Francis Gerald Spring was baptised on 24 February 1882 at St Stevens, Hazarigh, Bihar, Idia and died 14 months later on 28 April 1883.

(1) The Friends of India 1995 p13, Ramanujan:Letters and a Commentary. By Bruce C. Berndt, Srinivasa Ramanujan Aiyagar and Robert A. Rankin