Anna Townsend (408)

Date of Birth: ca 1770
Date of Death: 1848
Generation: 5th
Residence: Monkstown & Dunbeacon
Father: Edward Mansel (Splendid Ned) Townsend [401]
Mother: Baldwin, Anna
  1. Warren, Thomas
  2. Townsend, Richard [221]
    • Edward Townsend
    • Thomas
    • Charles Duncan
    • Augustus
    • William
    • Brisbane
    • Anne
    • Mary Carre
    • Henrietta
    • Four other sons
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Notes for Anna Townsend

Married 1st, 25 May 1790 Thomas Warren MP (1) of Prospect Villa, Monkstown, Co Cork, third son of Sir Robert Warren of Warren's Court (2) and Crookstown House (3). See Burke's Peerage - Warren. Married 2nd 1822, as his third wife, Richard Townsend [221] JP of Dunbeacon, (4) The Point (5) and Ballintona.(6)

Of the children (all by Thomas):

Edward Warren of Belleville was born in 1790 and died on 16 July 1858. He married Penelope Carleton, daughter of Rev Edward Mitchell Carleton,(7) on 9 November 1824 and had issue. See 'The Connaught Journal' dated Thursday 18 November 1824. Penelope's uncle, Webber Carlton, married Mildred Townsend [6A08].

Thomas Warren was born in January 1793 and died on 1 March 1838. He was Rector of Baltimore and married Jane Kellet Galwey, daughter of John Galwey of Passage,(8) in May 1831. They had issue.

Charles Duncan Warren (Captain RN) was born in 1797 and died 17 July 1874. He married Harriet Webb Gilder, daughter of Jonathan Gilder, on 5 April 1830 and had a daughter, Anna Townsend Warren. She married Robert Simpson (b. 1830 d. 1913) on 12 October 1854, as his second wife, in Dunganstown Church, Wicklow, Ireland and died in June 1924. They had several children including - Robert Townsend Warren Simpson (b. 1855 dinf), Alexander Simpson (b. 1859), Robert Townsend Simpson (b. 1861 d. 1927), Rudolphus Harvey Simpson (b. 1862 d. 1948), Florinda Victoria Simpson (b. 1865), Francis Simpson (b.1867), William Simpson (b.1868) and George Simpson (b. 1871).

Augustus Warren was born in 1798 and died in 1860. He married Sarah Gunn daughter of Townsend Gunn of Rattoo, whose great grandfather, William Gunn of Rattoo, married Katherine Townsend [109] in 1694. Sarah died in 1867.

William Warren was born on 30 April 1805 and died 2 or 3 February 1885. He married Elizabeth Hildegardis Townsend [244] and two sons.

Brisbane Warren was born in 1807 and died on 19 August 1847. He married Mary Townsend Somerville eldest daughter of Philip Somerville of The Prairie, Schull, Co Cork and his wife Henrietta Townsend [242] on 14 August 1838. Page 168 of the Abstract of the Deeds Enrolled in Chancery 1834-1839 records a deed (number 680) dated 13 August 1838 between Brisbane Warren of Castletownshend, Philip & Mary Somerville of Union Hall and Samuel Townsend of Whitehall. The relevant extract reads….”in consideration of a marriage contemplated between the said Brisbane Warren and Mary Townsend Somerville and of £600, the marriage portion of the said Mary Townsend and for the purpose of creating a jointure of £100 per annum…..the said Brisban Warren released to the said Samuel Townsend and Thomas Somerville the undivided fourth part or share of the lands of Shannavally, Upper Ballybricken & Rahanattig, Barnahely and Loughbeg….”

Anne Warren married Mathias Smith.

Mary Warren married Edward Henry Townsend [411] in 1823 and died in 1857.

Henrietta Warren married Rev James Harris in 1826 and died in 1865.

Anna is buried in St Barrahane's Church, Castletownshend.

(1) Thomas was a barrister-at-law, King's Inns 1776, MP for Charleville 1776-83 and MP for Castlebar 1783-90. He died on 5 September 1820. The entry for Warren (Warren's Court) in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "Robert Warren, an army officer, established himself in the East Carberry area of county Cork in the mid 17th century. In May 1703 his son Wallis Warren bought Kilbarry now known as Warren's Court. It was part of the confiscated estate of the Earl of Clancarty. In 1699 Wallis Warren also bought East and West Curryclogh from Henry Eal of Romney [enrolled 1703]. His grandson Robert Warren of Warren's Court and Crookstown House, county Cork, was created a baronet in 1784. The Warrens of Codrum and Crookstown are descended from younger sons of the first marriage of the 1st Baronet. John Borlase Warren, later 4th Baronet, held 1700 acres in the townland of Sillahertane, barony of Iveragh, from the Orpen family in the early part of the nineteenth century. Over 10,000 acres of the estate of Adrian Taylor, in which members of the Orpen and Warren families had an interest, were offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court in May 1855. Sir Augustus Warren's estate in county Kerry in the 1870s amounted to over 8700 acres. His estate in county Cork amounted to 7,787 acres at the same time and was located in the barony of West Muskerry parishes of Kilmichael, Ballinadee, Clondrohid, Inchigeelagh, Kilmurry and Macroom, the parishes of Cannaway and Moviddy, barony of East Muskerry and the parish of Murragh, barony of Kinalmeaky. His brothers Captain Warren of Passage, Cork and Robert Warren of Ashgrove owned a further 1,477 and 530 acres respectively and other family members had smaller amounts. Henry E. Warren, a grandson of the 1st Baronet, was one of the principal lessors in the parish of Kilmoe, West Carbery at the time of Griffith's Valuation. Over 700 acres in the barony of Barretts, the property of Massy Hutchinson Warren, was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court, in April 1854. Lands at Cloonvickavrick, barony of Muskerry, leased to the Webb family in 1717, were advertised for sale in April 1877, the estate of the Reverend John Webb."

(2) The entry for Warren's Court in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "Kilbarry was bought by the Warrens in the late 17th century. The house Warren's Court was built in the 18th century and was the main seat of this family in the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1750 Smith refers to Kilbarry the "handsome house" of Robert Warren. In 1906 it was valued at £66 and occupied by Sir Augustus Riversdale Warren."

(3) The entry for Crookstown in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "Smith records Mr Crook of Crookstown in 1751. The mother of Robert Warren 1st Baronet was Anne Crooke and this house may have got its name from her. It was the home of a branch of the Warren family from the late 18th century, occupied by the Reverend E. W. Warren in 1814, by the Reverend R. Warren in 1837 and in the early 1850s. The Reverend Robert Warren held the property in fee and the buildings were valued at £48."

(4) The entry for Dunbeacon in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "Richard Townsend held this property in fee at the time of Griffith's Valuation, when it was valued at £11 5s. In 1906 it was also the property of Richard Townsend and valued at £8."

(5) The entry for Point House in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "John Somerville was leasing Point House from Rev. M. Townsend at the time of Griffith's Valuation, when it was valued at £20. Lewis recorded it as the seat of R.B. Townsend in 1837. It is labelled Point House on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map but as Cosheen on the 25-inch edition of the 1890s. It is still extant and known by the latter title."

(6) The entry for Ballinatona in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "Daniel Welply was leasing this property to William Warren at the time of Griffith's Valuation, when it was valued at £13 5s. There is still an extant house at the site." Ballintona was subsequently sold in the Land Court on 26 November 1850.

(7) The entry for Carleton in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "At the time of Griffith's Valuation George and Christopher Carleton held land in the parish of Kilshannig, barony of West Muskerry, county Cork. Christoher D. Carleton and Thomas Mitchell also held lands in the parishes of Kilnamartery (West Muskerry) and St Finbars and Kilnaglory (East Muskerry). They appear to be the sons of Edward Mitchell Carleton and grandsons of John Carleton of Wilton House, Woodside, parish of Carrigrohanebeg, barony of East Muskerry. In the 1870s C.D. Carleton of Bruges, Belgium, owned 832 acres in county Cork. Webber Carleton, an early 19th century artist was a member of this family."

(8) The entry for Galwey (Lota) in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records ""Burke's Irish Family Records" traces the ancestry of this family back to their location in Kinsale, county Cork in the 15th century. By the mid 16th century the Galways were well established in Cork city and by the end of the 17th century were living at Lota. In 1739 John Galway of Lota married Jane only child and heiress of William O'Bryen of Anacross, county Cork. From their son Edward descend the later generations of Galway of Lota and Fort Richard and from their son John descend the Galways of Doon, county Clare and Rock Lodge, county Cork. (See the entries at [5A10] and [6A08] for other Rock Lodge connections.) Several members of the Galway family owned between 200-500 acres in the hinterland of Clonakilty in the 1870s. William Galway is listed as a proprietor of over 1300 acres at the same time. Michael Galway was among the principal lessors in the parish of Rathbarry, barony of Ibane & Barryroe at the time of Griffith's Valuation while William Galway held townlands in the parish of Desertserges, barony of Kinalmeaky." This entry in the database also records that "Tradition locally suggests Scartagh Cottage was originally the property of the Townsend family. By the time of Griffith's Valuation, it was being leased by Henry Galway to Matthew O'Hea." See the entry for John Townsend [300] and for Janet Mary Townshend [5B11] who married Charles Galwey in 1870.

For other Warren connections see Richard Townsend [221], daughter of Henrietta Anna Townsend [242], Elizabeth Hildegardis Townsend [244], John Townsend [318], Edward Henry Townsend [411] and Augusta Amelia Townsend [424].