Sharon Elwynne Julia Townsend (3B34)

Date of Birth: 28 Mar 1956
Date of Death: viv 2009
Generation: 11th
Residence: Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Father: Wilbur Pillman Townsend [3B22]
Mother: Sauer, Frieda Emma
  1. Janzen, Helmut
Issue: None
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Notes for Sharon Elwynne Julia Townsend

Sharon was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She was educated at John Henderson Elementary School, John Oliver Secondary School, where she was heavily involved in the choral music programme and the University of British Columbia

Married 1975. Helmut Janzen was Sharon's high school sweetheart and they married after she had completed her first year at university. Sadly they divorced in 1994.

Shortly after getting married Sharon and Helmut were presented with an opportunity to take over the Janzen family business, which they successfully ran for 17 years, specializing in interior décor and residential construction. On the failure of the marriage the business was sold in 1933. Sharon changed her middle name to Julia [maternal grandmother] at the same time and re-assumed her maiden name after her divorce in 1994.

Since that time, Sharon has worked as a commercial painting contractor, commercial estimator and, for the past ten years, has happily worked as the Executive Director of a Business Improvement Association for a high street commercial district in Vancouver where she manages all aspects of the organization’s activities from political advocacy (both civic and provincial), street enhancements, marketing initiatives, public events and promotions.

Between meetings and reports, Sharon continues her musical interests as well as the perpetual renovation of her Richmond condo. She is a most gifted piano player both by note and by ear and would sell her soul before she sold her baby grand piano!