Jeanne Emily Townsend (3B30)

Date of Birth: 3 March 1923
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 11th
Residence: Alberta, Canada
Father: William Harold Ayers (Harold) Townsend [3B19]
Mother: Johnston, Jean
  1. Sax, Frank Donald
  2. Kennedy, William A.
    • Gary Donald Kennedy
    • Lory Edward Kennedy
    • Mary Jean Kennedy
    • Janet Ann Kennedy
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Notes for Jeanne Emily Townsend

Jeanne was born in Honolulu.

Married first 6 August 1945 in Vancouver. Frank Donald Sax was born on 17 June 1924 in Lougheed, Alberta, Canada. They divorced in October 1953. Married second 6 March 1954 in Edmonton, Alberta. William A Kennedy was born on 23 November 1916 in Oyen, Alberta and died on 2 April 1997 in Edmonton.

Of the children by Jeanne's first marriage:

Gary Donald Kennedy (nee Sax) was born on 14 November 1946 in Edmonton. He married Joy Gayle Rosetta (b. 30 April 1947 in Lethbridge, Alberta) on 24 August 1968 in Lethbridge. They had a son, Sebastian, who was born on 30 October 1973 and a daughter, Tanya, who was born on 17 November 1975. Sebastian has a daughter Kaitlyn Jean (b. 1 June 2000) and Tanya has three adopted children Kayla Katherine (b. 21 April 1992), Dallas Jo (b. 31 May 1996) and Tryston Tanya (b. 14 May 2002). Gary Donald died on 3 June 1985.

Lory Edward Kennedy (nee Sax) was born on 31 August 1948 in Edmonton. He married first Shelley Smith in Pinticton, BC. They had a son, Caleb Oakes Smith Kennedy, who was born on 28 April 1978 and a daughter, Naomi Jenny-Dee Smith Kennedy, who was born on 1 June 1983 in Penticton. Caleb married Jennifer Iverson (b. 20 February 1980) on 21 July 2001 in Cawston, BC and they have two children - Autumn Soleil (b. 20 July 1999) and Cairo Finn (b. 9 April 2002).

Lory and Shelly divorced and he married second Giselle Brisson (b. 3 November 1963) on 18 May 1991 in Westaskiwin, Alberta and adopted her son, Bradley Kenneth Kennedy, who was born on 14 December 1986.

Mary Jean Kennedy (nee Sax) was born on 4 October 1950 in Edmonton. She is married with a son, Luke, who married Tracy Mills in Edmonton in August 2008.

Of the child by Jeanne's second marriage:

Janet Ann Kennedy was born on 27 January 1956. She married Eldon Leo Schmitz (b. 27 January 1956 in Central Butte Saskatchewan) on 29 February 1988 in Isla Mujures. Mexico. They have no children.