Harold Edward Townsend Townsend (3B26)

Date of Birth: 29 July 1923
Date of Death: 22 March 1992
Generation: 10th
Residence: Shelburne, Ontario, Canada
Father: George Wellington Townsend [3B11]
Mother: Beirnes, Minetta Anna
  1. Galbraith, Lucy
  1. Larry Harold [3B44]
  2. Laurie Beth [3B45]
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Notes for Harold Edward Townsend

Married Lucy Elizabeth Mary Galbraith on 17 August 1946 in Shelburne, Ontario.

Harold left home aged 17 and went to live at Galt, Ontario; there he drove a taxi and worked in a toy factory turned munitions plant. Upon turning 18, Harold joined the army and saw action in Italy with the First Canadian Assault Troops, attached to the First Canadian Armoured Brigade. He also served with the First Division in Holland and Germany.

In 1948 he purchased his deceased brother’s (1) business in Shelburne and was a successful John Deere Farm Equipment dealer in the area for the next 40 years.

(1) William Townsend [3B23]

(2) These details have been abstracted from the research work (1992-97) undertaken by Gracie Townsend [3B27] into members of the family descended from Richard Townsend [335].