Sydney Alecia Townsend (3B12)

Date of Birth: 29 January 1883
Date of Death: 8 December 1945
Generation: 9th
Residence: Lincoln, Ontario, Canada
Father: Henry Edward Townsend [3B05]
Mother: Cook, Elizabeth
  1. Carson, Richard
  1. George
  2. Edward
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Notes for Sydney Alecia Townsend

Alecia was born in the family farm at Howick Township. (Huron County) Gorrie, Ontario.

Married Richard Carson on 20 December 1933 in Lincoln (near London) Ontario.

Alecia was a legal stenographer at London Ontario prior to her marriage. Described as a true Victorian lady, gracious, intelligent and artistic she was very astute with money, invested wisely and left an estate of over $40,000 when she died.

Following radiation treatment at Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario, Alecia died at home in Gorrie.

Between 1992 and 1997, Gracie Townsend [3B27] extensively researched members of the family descended from Richard Townsend [335]. This work has been invaluable in compiling the records of those concerned.