Dana Lee Townsend (3A46)

Date of Birth: 1968
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 12th
Residence: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Father: Donald Gordon Townsend [3A29]
Mother: Hall, Loris Helen
  1. Ridout, Kenneth John
  1. Kasey
  2. William Kenneth
  3. Joshua Lee
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Notes for Dana Lee Townsend

Dana was born in Sydney

Married on 30 March 2002 in Orange, New South Wales. Kenneth John Ridout was born on 4th July 1968.

Kenneth is a fitter and turner with his own business.

Of the children:

Kasey Jane Ridout was born in 2003 in Maitland, NSW.

William Kenneth Ridout was born in 2004 in Maitland.

Joshua Lee Ridout was born in 2006 in Brisbane.

Information provided by Lisa Jane Townsend [3A47]