Barbara Townsend (3A35)

Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 11th
Residence: Australia
Father: Matthew Alexander Townsend [3A24]
Mother: Hook, Anne Sheddon
  1. Green, Robin
  1. Matthew Robin
  2. Lachlan James
  3. Benjamin Daniel
  4. Jarom Alexander
  5. Katheryn Martha
  6. Valerie Anne
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Notes for Barbara Townsend

Married Robin Green.

Of the children:

Mathew Robin Green was born on 30 November 1965 and married Elizabeth Anne Langley. They have a daughter, Annie Isobel.

Lachlan James Green married Anna Isabella Sanchey and they have a daughter and two sons - Jessica Juanite, Daniel and Joseph.

Benjamin Daniel Green married Rebecca Bery and they have two sons - Jacob and Joshua.

Jarom Alexander Green was born on 3 April 1973 and married 1st Faith McElroy. They have a daughter and a son - Paris Jarom and Eden Isaiah. He married 2nd Voula Grammeno and has a further son - Owen Nichols.

Valerie Anne Green was born on 26 January 1980.

Information provided by Lisa Jane Townsend [3A47]