June Mary Townsend (3A28)

Date of Birth: 10 Jun 1933
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 10th
Residence: Australia
Father: Edgar Thomas Townsend [3A14]
Mother: Cafe, Ida May
  1. Banning, Leslie
  1. Geoffrey
  2. LeeAnne
  3. Gordon
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Notes for June Mary Townsend

Married 14 February 1959. Nothing is known about June or Geoffrey Banning.

Of the children:

Geoffery Banning married Marlie ? and had three daughters and a son - Michelle, Mary, Emma and Michael.

Leeanne Banning married Graeme Cottrel and had two sons - Jamie and Philip.

Gordon Banning married Tanya ?

Information provided by Lisa Jane Townsend [3A47]