Dorothea Townsend (313)

Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: dsp (?) 6 May 1791
Generation: 5th
Residence: Cork
Father: John Townsend [303]
Mother: Reddish, Elizabeth
  1. Busteed, Francis
  1. William Harrison (?)
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Notes for Dorothea Townsend

Married 1784. Francis Busteed (1) was a brewer who died on 26 November 1795. Both he and Dorothea died at their house in St George's Street, Cork.

Neither 'An Officer of the Long Parliament' nor Burke's Irish Family Records 1976 show any issue from this marriage. However, recent contact (2010) with Orla Busteed in Ireland suggests that Dorothea and Francis had a son, William Harrison Busteed.

(1) The entry for Busteed in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "Luke Busteed of Mountlong, county Cork, son of Gyles Busted or Buston and Anne his wife, was granted an estate of 1,479 acres in the baronies of Orrery and Kinalea, county Cork in 1667. In 1703 the Reverend Michael Bustead purchased over 400 acres in the barony of Kinalea, formerly part of the estate of King James. Jephson Busteed of Mount Long, son of the Reverend Michael, married Elizabeth Gumbleton in 1724. For information about Mountlong see There were several marriages between members of the Busteed and Daunt families, see for details from the Daunt genealogy. Rev. John Busteed, for many years curate of St. Luke's, Douglas, Cork, was recorded as resident at Ballinrea, near Carrigaline."