Gertrude Ethel Townshend (283)

Date of Birth: 19 Oct 1875
Date of Death: 1968
Generation: 8th
Residence: St Leonards, NSW, Australia
Father: Thomas Somerville FitzSimmons Townshend [255]
Mother: Baker, Elizabeth
  1. Thorley, Thomas
  1. Myee
  2. Edward
  3. Rodney
  4. Thomas
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Notes for Gertrude Ethel Townshend

Gertrude was born in Wollombi,NSW, and was a teacher.

Married Thomas Thorley, son of John Thorley and Isabella (?), in 1902 at West Maitland, NSW.

Gertrude died at St Leonards, NSW and Thomas died in 1951 at Ryde, NSW.