Charlotte Victoria (Lottie) Townshend (280)

Date of Birth: 22 Jan 1870
Date of Death: 1961
Generation: 8th
Residence: Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Father: Thomas Somerville FitzSimmons Townshend [255]
Mother: Baker, Elizabeth
  1. Thorley, Elijah
  1. Beryl Myee
  2. Marjorie Isabella
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Notes for Charlotte Victoria Townshend (Lottie)

Charlotte was born in Wollombi

Married 1895 at Singleton, NSW. Elijah Thorley (1) was the son of John Thorley and Isabella (?)

Charlotte was a teacher. She died in Newcastle, NSW.

Of the children:

Beryl Myee Thorley married Charles Frederick Burgmann and had two daughters (Marjorie Beryl and Una) and a son Duncan Charles who was killed aged 16.

Marjorie Isabella Thorley married Arthur Ernest Dennison and had a son, Arthur, and a daughter, Valerie.

The granddaughter, Marjorie Beryl Burgmann married Frederick Laidler and has provided much information on the descendants of Jonas Morris [237].

(1) Elijah died in 1952 at Belmont, NSW.