Elizabeth Baker Townshend (274)

Date of Birth: 11 Sep 1860
Date of Death: 6 June 1943
Generation: 8th
Residence: NSW, Australia
Father: Thomas Somerville FitzSimmons Townshend [255]
Mother: Baker, Elizabeth
  1. Hall, Arthur
  1. Noel
  2. Eric
  3. Ivor
  4. Doris
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Notes for Elizabeth Baker Townshend

Elizabeth was born in NSW and was a teacher in Wollombi.

She married Arthur Hall (b. ca 1870) in Wollombi in 1891 and later moved to Allandale.

Of the children

Noel Baker had a daughter who lives in Darwin.

Ivor Baker and Eric Baker had no children.

Doris Baker was born in 1896 and died on 20 October 1940. She had a daughter Myrtle Alice Baker who was born on 1 August 1920, married Mr Boreham and died on 2 December 2008. They had a son, John Boreham who provided the details for these notes and the picture of Jonas Morris Townsend [237], reproduced in his scrapbook.