Harriet Townsend (217)

Date of Birth: b ante 1742
Date of Death: dsp
Generation: 4th
Residence: Glanbarrahan & Currograngemore, Co Cork
Father: Richard Townsend [201]
Mother: Becher, Elizabeth
  1. Freeman, David
Issue: None
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Notes for Harriet Townsend

Rev David Freeman, the son of Robert Freeman, of Dublin, was born in Dublin in 1722. He entered Trinity College Dublin aged 16 and was a Scholar in 1741 and MA in 1755. He was appointed to the living of Glanbarrahan 1741 and to that of Currograngemore in 1787; both of which livings he held until his death in February, 1807. See page 473/474 of Brady's Parochial and Clerical Records Volume 2.

The Rev Robert Morritt succeeded to the living of these two parishes on 28 March 1807 and resigned on 4 January 1824, During the course of these 17 years Morritt managed to attract universal opprobrium in West Carbery on account of his zeal in extracting tithes from his parishioners, several of whom were taken to court by him for non-payment, and his zeal as a magistrate in chasing petty offences. The pamphlet “Supplement to the Trials of the Rev Robert Morritt” describes him as a “Clergyman who in a few years could render himself so obnoxious to his Parishioners as to be the subject of no less than eight civil actions and one criminal indictment”. Further details about Morritt can be see in the entry for Richard Townsend [221].