Elizabeth Townsend (216)

Date of Birth: ca 1726
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 4th
Residence: Upham, Hants
Father: Richard Townsend [201]
Mother: Becher, Elizabeth
  1. Gwynn, Richard
  1. Issue
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Notes for Elizabeth Townsend

Page 127 of Gillman's 'Index to the Marriage Licence Bonds of the Diocese of Cork and Ross' records a Marriage Bond dated 1746 with Captain Richard Gwynn RN of Upham, Hants and Gower, Glamorgan.

The Parish register of Upham records four 'Gwynne' baptisms but it cannot be confirmed if any are related to Elizabeth and her husband:-

'Elizabeth Jane Fenuel Gwynn daughter of Rich'd GWYNN February 2 1749'

'Alice Abigail daughter of Richd & Elizth GWYNN December 2 1753'

'Richard Montague son of Richard & Elizabeth GWYNN May 5 1754'

'Henrietta Anna Margretta daughter of Richard & Elizabeth GWYNN July 12 1756'

'Helena daughter of Richard & Elizabeth GWYNN August 3 1757'