Daughter Townsend (147)

Date of Birth: ca 1690
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 3rd
Residence: Unknown
Father: Cornelius Townsend [108]
Mother: Swete, Jane
  1. Workman, Samuel
  1. Anne
  2. Margaret
  3. Samuel
  4. Martha
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Notes for Daughter Townsend

Several entries in the Church of Ireland Parish Records of Ross Cathedral 1690–1823 refer to 'Samuel Workman' and they might relate to this unknown daughter of Cornelius Townsend [108]. The entries in chronological order are:

P.10 Anne daughter of Mr.Samuel Workman was baptized December the 29th 1719.

P.12 Margaret daughter to Mr Samuel Workman baptized by Mr John Hungerford was received into ye congregation on ye 2nd day of August 1721.

P.12 Anne daughter to Mr Samuel Workman buried September 1721.

P.14 Mr Samuel Workman was buried January the fifth 1728.

P.13 Mr. George Murray and Mrs Mary Workman were married the 20th of February 1722.

P.13 Samuel son of George Workman baptized November 5th 1724.

* P.14 Martha daughter to Mr Samuel Workman was baptized March 15th 1726.

Not shown by Judge John FitzHenry Townsend [250].