Anne Townsend (135)

Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 4th
Residence: Unknown
Father: John FitzCornelius Townsend [122]
Mother: Bowdler, Margaret
  1. Murphy, Thomas
  1. Katherine
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Notes for Anne Townsend

Anne was abducted by one Thomas Murphy and kept hidden in a lonely cave until she consented to marry him. Anne's brother, Philip Townsend [133] searched for her and during the course of this he came upon some of the Murphy kinsmen. Philip drew his pistol and threatened to shoot if they did not disclose where Anne was hidden. One of the women present seized Philip's arm, the pistol went off and one of the Murphy brothers fell to the ground. Fearing he was a murderer Philip fled to Barbados to join his uncle Kingston Townsend [123]. Thomas married the luckless Anne and the wounded kinsman recovered.

The daughter Katherine eloped with her uncle's (1) butler, Thomas Bennet of Bridgemount, in 1737, the year that her uncle was appointed a Sheriff of the City of Cork.

'An Officer of the Long Parliament' Ch VIII p. 211-12 refers.

(1) Horatio Townsend [130].