William Townsend (107)

Date of Birth: 1665
Date of Death: dunm 1711
Generation: 2nd
Residence: Castletownshend
Father: Colonel Richard Townsend [100]
Mother: Hyde, Hildegardis
Spouse: Unmarried
Issue: None
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Notes for William Townsend

Alumni Trinity College Dublin from Co Cork and Kerry 1593-1860 in Dr Casey's Collection records that William was taught by Mr Tyndall of Cork before he entered Trinity College, Dublin, on 20 June 1685 aged 19 as a pensioner who paid a fixed sum annually for his studies. Mr Tyndall also tutored William's brother, Philip Townsend [106], before he entered the University at the same time as William.

William's will was proved in 1711 (1). He left his entire estate to his nephew 'John Fitz-Bryan of Castletown'. ''Pooles of Mayfield'' p.237 refers.

(1) 'Cork and Ross Wills 1548-1800’. Appendix J of The Council Book of the Corporation of Kinsale edited by Richard Caulfield records Names of the Inhabitants of Bandon and the Neighbourhood whose wills were proved in the Registry of the Diocese of Cork from 1600 to 1800 with the Dates. Page 407 shows ‘Townsend William Castletown1711’. Is this William?